Cardio in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

BLACK BOX GYM - For your workout at the Hotel Riml


The exclusive BLACK BOX GYM in the Hotel Riml is compact, but has everything the athlete's heart needs for good training. The equipment with the  modern equipment and a pleasant atmosphere increase the training effect.

  • Trickboard
  • Resistance bands
  • Medicine balls 1-5 Kg
  • Rope 15 meters
  • Energetics punchbag
  • Energetics punchgloves
  • Precor USA Power Tower
  • Precor USA EFX 556i Crosstrainer
  • Precor USA AMT 12 Crosstrainer
  • Precor USA C846i Speedbike
  • Precor USA C954i Treadmill
  • Kettler Giro C3 Speedbike
  • Kettlebells
  • Kettler Giro C3 Heimtrainer
  • Assault Fitness Airpower Elite
  • Assault Fitness Airpower Elite
  • Yoga Blocks & mats
  • Body Balance items
  • Dumbbells training bench 2-20 Kg
  • LG TV's
  • Heavyweight training bench 10-100 Kg
  • Wall bars
  • Domyos Strap
  • Fascia rolls
  • Pull-up bar
  • Aqua Alpina freshwater station


Even if the most beautiful sports equipment is in front of the Hotel Riml, - by that we mean our wonderful mountains, of course - targeted training in the fitness room improves cardio and helps to cut an even better figure on the slopes.

Do a few miles on the treadmill, pedal on a speedbike, lift the dumbbells a few times and you have done something good for your health! From cardio to strength training: our fitness room is ready!


From winter 2019/20 you can now do even more with your previous skills. The Black Box Gym now offers even more options for expanding concentration, muscle building, balance, endurance etc. BLACK BOX GYM is the name of our fitness room which is located below the beauty department.

Domyos Strap im Fitnessraum des Hotel Riml in Hochgurgl, direkt an der Skipiste.
Fitnessgeräte im Black Box Gym im Hotels Riml in Hochgurgl
Fitnessgeräte im Black Box Gym des 4 Sterne Superior Hotels Riml in Hochgurgl
Crosstrainer im Fitnessraum des 4 Sterne Superior Hotels Riml in Hochgurgl


In the winterseason 2020/21 we offer another highlight in the Sky Relax Area.  A professional yoga instructor will provide additional relaxation and physical fitness on selected days. The fabulous view of the valley  would be reason enough to take part in a training session. But learning something new and strengthening your body are at least as good reasons for the free sessions!

You can always find out when the training sessions take place in the morning post or at the reception.

Hotel Riml in Hochgurgl: Damen beim Yoga mit Panoramablick auf die Berge
Damen beim Yoga im Schneidersitz im Hotel Riml in Hochgurgl mit Panoramablick auf die verschneiten Berge
Yoga im Hotel Riml in Hochgurgl: Drei Damen in stehender Position mit Blick auf die Skipisten