Something very special from Tyrol

The Swiss pines where collected in July  here in the woods around Hochgurgl. The next step is to pickle them in herbs and corn schnaps for 4 months in big glas bottles.

The greatest taste of the Swiss pine schnaps from the family Riml is at room temperature and pure, so that the flavour is on the highest level.

  • The Swiss pine belongs to the pinus silvestris family
  • Swiss pine tress growing from 1.600 meters on
  • There located in western central alps 
  • The age is between 200 and 400 years 
  • A regular altitude is 30 meters
  • The thrive is onlye every 6 to 10 years from May to July 
  • The size of the pine fruits are between 5 and 9 cm, the thickness between 3 and 6 cm
Zwei Männer beim Ernten der Zirbenzapfen im Baum
Mann in blauer Jacke beim Ernten der Zirbenzapfen für den Riml Zirbenschnaps
Zirbenzapfen und Zirbenzweige am Baum
Zirbenzapfen in einem Korb
Ernte der Zirbenzapfen für den Riml Zirbenschnaps
Blick ins Ötztal mit zahlreichen Zirbenbäumen
Zirbenbaum in Hochgurgl
Zirbenbäume mit Zirbenzapfen in Hochgurgl